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KSBI-DT Oklahoma City to Griffin Communications


KNDX-DT Bismarck to Gray Communications


KTTU-DT Anchorage to Schurz Communications


KRDO-DT Colorado Springs to New Press & Gazette


WVNS-DT Beckley to WV Media


KIFI-DT Idaho Falls to New Press & Gazette


KUTH-DT Salt Lake to Cocola Trust


KATA-CA Dallas to Mintz Communications


KMWB-DT Minneapolis to Sinclair Broadcasting


WMOR-DT Tampa to Hearst Television


KUSK-DT Phoenix to Londen Trust


WOAC-DT Cleveland to Paxson Communications


WYOU-DT Scranton to Nexstar Broadcasting


WPLX-DT Charleston to Paxson Communications


KFTU-DT Tucson to Univision Communications


WLFI-DT Lafayette to Blade Communications


WHAG-DT Hagerstown to Great Trails Communications


KTPX-DT Midland to MSP Television


WTAP-DT Parkersburg to Benedek Broadcasting


KXTU-DT Colorado Springs to Raycom Media


KXLT-DT Rochester to Shockley Communications


WXXV-DT Biloxi to Morris Networks


KTAB-DT Abilene to Nexstar


W57DU-D Miami, FL to Daystar Television


W26DW-D, Kinston, NC to Tutt Media Group


W39DG-D, Jacksonville, NC to Tutt Media Group


W41DU-D, Jacksonville, NC to Tutt Media Group


K18KK-D, Columbia, MO to News Press and Gazette Broadcasting


W40 DH-D Evansville, IN to DTV America, Inc.


K36MG-D Crowley, LA to DTV America, Inc.


W16CF Charlotte, North Carolina to Norsan Consulting


W20CN Charleston, SC to King Forward, Inc.


W17CK Port Charlotte, FL to King Forward Inc.


W39CO Richmond, VA to King Forward Inc.


W43CK Savannah, GA to King Forward Inc.


W46DK, Birmingham, AL to DTV America, Inc.


K29GL+K29GL-D Lincoln, NE to DTV America, Inc.


KJNK-LD Minneapolis, MN to DTV America, Inc.