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A Partial Listing of Our Valued Clients

Aberdeen Tele-Cable

Abry Communications Group  

Adams-Russell Co.,  Inc.

Allegan Tele-Ception

American Finance

AmSouth Bank N.A.

Antenna-Vision, Inc.

Bankers Trust

Barboo Closed Circuit TV,  Inc.

Barclays Amer. Credit

Benedek Broadcasting

Benton TV Company,

Bisbee CATV-Carleton Signal

Booth American

Boscobel  Cable, Inc.

Broadway Maintenance

Cable Information Systems, Inc.

Cable Management Associates

Cable Services, Inc.

Cable Systems, Inc.

Cablevision Industries

Cambridge  Communications

Camden TV Cable, Inc.

Carson Cable Associates, Inc.

CATV Service Company, Inc.

Centennial Communications Inc.

Century Communications Corp.

Century Telephone Enterprises

Channel 67, Inc.

Channel 29 of Charleston, Inc.

Clearview Cable Assoc.

Clear Vision Cable, Inc.

Columbia Management

Commco, Ltd.

Community Cablevision

Cosmos Communications, Inc.

Cumberland TV, Inc.

Cypress Communications, Inc.

Daleville Cablevision

Dallas Cablevision, Ltd.

Danville-Lancaster Cable, Inc.

Davis Enterprises

Deans Cablevision

Dearborn Cablevision

Dittrick Communications, Inc.

Diversified Comm.

Dix Stations, Inc.

Fairfield Broadcasting

Fidelity Broadcasting

Firstcable Communications, Inc.

First City National Bank

Four Mile Cable

Frostburg Cablevision

Full Circle Communications

General Electric

Gibson Cable

Gilmore Broadcasting

Gilroy Cable TV, Inc.

Gloucester County Cable

Gocom Television

Great Trails Broadcasting Corp.

Guttenberg TV Cable

Hardin Cable, Inc.

Hearst-Argyle TV

Helicon Corporation

Heller Financial

Hensen Aviation, Inc.

Heritage Comm, Inc.

High Mountain Broadcasting Corp.

Hopewell Cablevision

Iroquis County Cablevision, Ltd.

Jackson Cable Associates, Inc.

James Communications

Jones Group

Kansas City Southern Industries

Kickapoo Antennavision, Inc.

KADN-TV Lafayette

KAAS-TV Salina



KAUZ-TV Wichita Falls

KBRN-AM Brighton

KCBJ-TV Columbia

KCSL-AM Flagstaff

KDSM-TV Des Moines

KEIR-FM Dallas

KGHM-AM Brookfield

KHBS-TV Ft. Smith

KHGI-TV Kearny

KHOG-TV Fayettville

KJSK-AM Galesburg

KLGT-TV Minneapolis

KLIR-FM Galesburg

KLJB-TV Davenport

KNMZ-TV Santa Fe

KNTO-FM Wichita Falls


KPOM-TV Ft. Smith

KRCG-TV Jefferson City

KSNB-TV Superior



KTER-AM Terrell

KTPX-TV Odessa

KTTS-AM Springfield

KVLH-AM Pauls Valley


KWAB-TV Big Spring

KWBB-AM Wichita


KWAB-TV Big Spring

KWBB-AM Wichita

KWNB-TV Hayes Ctr.

KX Acquistion LP

KXLT-TV Rochester

KYND-AM Burlington

KZIX-AM/FM Fort Col.

Lakes Cablevision, Inc.

Lambert Television

LaSalle National Bank

Lenfest Group

Lincoln First Bank

Lykens TV Company

MaCaw Comm.

Malrite Communications

Manistee CATV, Inc.

Maple Shade Cable TV

Matrix Communications

Mattoon Cablevision

McDonald Group

Media-Com, Inc.

Mickelson Media, Inc.

Mid-State Community TV, Inc.

Midwest Satellite, Inc.

Momence Comm. Cablevision

Monmouth Cablevision

Monticello Cable Co.


Morris Network

Mountian Pine Cable

Mountaineer Broadcstg.

Mount Kisco Comm.

Multi-Channel TV Cable

Nashville Cable Assoc. Inc.

Neosho CATV, Inc.

Newtown Cablevision

Nextstar Broadcasting

Nichols Investments

NICO, Inc.

Northfork Cablevision

Numsen Antenna, Inc.

Outer Banks Video, Inc.

Outlet Company

Owensboro Cablevision

Ozark Communications

Paducah Newspapers

Par Cable

Paxson Communications

Permian Basin Television Corp.

PMA Communications

Pollack Broadcasting

Public Television, Inc.

Raycom Media

Riverfront Cablevision

RJN Broadcasting, Inc.

Rock Valley Cablevision, Ltd.

RVS Cablevision Corp.

Sammons Communications

Sampling Research, Inc.

Satcable, Inc.

Shockley Communcations

Simmons Communications

Sinclair Broadcast Group

South Central Communications

Star Broadcasting

Star Cablevision Group

Storer Cable

Sudbrink Broadcasting

Sullivan Broadcasting

Sunrise Television, Inc.

Taos Cable TV, Inc.

Telecable of Selah, Inc.

Tele-Comm. Inc.

Telegraph-Herald Co.

Tele-Media, Inc.

Telesis Corporation

Teleprompter Corp.

Tennessee TV Company

Tidel Communications

Toledo Blade Company

Triad Broadcasting, Inc.

Triax Communications

TV Cable Service, Inc.

Upper Makefield Cablevision, Inc.

Valley Video, Inc.

Valley Video Cable Co.

Vantage Cable


Video Engineering, Inc.

Vista Cable, Inc.

Walkerville Cablevision

Wallins Cable TV

Warrick Cablevision

Washington Cable

Waynesboro TV, Inc.

West Alabama TV, Inc.

West Valley Cablevision, Inc.

Whitcom Investment Co.

Willapa Harbor Cablevision, Inc.

Wooster Republican Printing Co.

Wrightsville Cablevision, Inc.

WABI-TV Bangor

WAND-TV Decatur

WANE-TV Ft. Wayne

WAOW-TV Wausau

WCHT-TV Hartford

WCJB-TV Gainesville

WCOV-TV Montgomery

WCTI-TV New Bern

WEEK-TV Peoria

WEVV-TV Evansville

WFWY-TV Syracuse

WHAG-TV Hagerstown

WKCH-TV Knoxville

WKRP-TV Charleston

WKOW-TV Madison

WKUS-FM Wabash

WLFI-TV Lafayette

WMBB-TV Panama Cty


WOAC-TV Canton

WOCO-AM Orlando

WOKR-TV Rochester

WPDE-TV Florence

WPXT-TV Portland

WRBX-AM Chapel Hill

WRDW-TV Augusta

WROC-TV Rochester

WTAP-TV Parkersburg

WTAT-TV Charleston

WTOS-FM Milwaukee

WTOV-TV Wheeling


WTVK-TV Knoxville

WVGV-TV Beckley

WVJS-AM Ownesboro

WVSB-TV West Point

WVSX-TV Beckley


WXMI-TV Grand Rapids

WXOW-TV LaCrosse

WXXV-TV Gulfport

WYLD-AM/FM New Orleans

WYOU-TV Scranton

WZIP-AM/FM Cincinnati